Starts, finishes and everything in between...

I finished my sampler!  Its been going on for a while but i finished it off last night and i really love how it turned out.  Im taking Shays advice and putting it in a frame...

Not a lot of sewing happening around here...what with school holidays etc... but i have managed to stash  a few piles of pretty fabrics (and a lovely book with lots of projects i want to make! )...

These will be used in my + and x quilt

and these too, im thinking of using the kona solid (in pond) for a big border around the outside

still got heaps more blocks to make!...

Kids go back to school on Tuesday, its been fun but im looking forward to it! 

 The youngest will be in school full time this year so Ive decided to go back to school as well.  Just part time but it will be pretty full on I think, so i probably wont be blogging or crafting as much as i would like. : ( (Not much different to how Ive been these last few months! )  Im really looking forward to using my brain again!

Hope you are having a great weekend!



oooh! i'm liking all of your lovely new fabric, and the zakka book! your + and x quilt blocks look fantastic, and so does your alphabet sampler, you have been busy! the photo's of the kids are gorgeous.

Back to school for you... How exciting! What will you study?

I'm excited about finishing at 2pm each day. My cut back starts in 2 weeks. Can't wait. The only problem will be riding my bike in the rain to and from work.

You are so talented!!
bec said…
yay to yummy fabric, and that sampler is gorgeous! I'd love that Zakka book, I'm trying to sew scraps into things, better go find a cheap copy haha
Sally said…
What are you going to study???

Love love love the sampler. Well done.
Sarah B said…
Your sampler is so beautiful! Love it. You are a clever lady.
Wow, going back to school- have a great time!
Rachaeldaisy said…
Your sampler is gorgeous and should be framed! Im drooling over your fabrics and your X&+ quilt. What are you going back to school to study?
Maree: said…
Your Sampler is Just Gorgeous and will Look lovely Framed..Yay for Shay!
Love your New Fabrics and the Quilt looks Great.
Enjoy your New Venture.
Marg said…
Love your sampler, can't wait to see it all framed up.
Wow lots of yummy fabric, I love the + and X blocks.
Shay said…
Oh I love the new header. Very swish .
That sampler is completely gorgeous. A true work of art (and a labour of love !) Im so glad you’re going to frame it so you can enjoy it !

The kids go back to school here tomorrow too and I’ll be avoiding the early morning traffic then shopping with all the Mums who will be flipping cartwheels as they push trolleys!
Wendy said…
It looks fantastic! I love that sampler and your stitching is beautiful.
Amanda Makes said…
Oh how I love it when I see that you've done a new post! What are you going to study, Melissa? Keep us posted won't you? Love the quilt of yours so much. I think it's because it has crosses on it and I love that motif so much! Much love. xxx p.s. I'm still working on my hexie quilt which is mainly in your gorgeous Lecien fabrics...will finish one day xxx
Raine and Sage said…
The alphabet framed will look fantastic. I miss IKEA for el cheapo frames.
Great shot of the kids. I relate to lack of blog posts/school commencing tomorrow etc.

Good luck with the studies. I think with kids in school we should meet up one morning, with Kirsty too?

How relaxing is this weather?! x
I just said "WOW!!!" out loud when I saw your sampler! It's gorgeous - you're soooo talented!!!
I love your new fabrics - and the book looks very tempting!!!
Catherine said…
The sampler is so pretty Melissa, I love the colours and your work is so neat, hanging it up is a must:) Love those fabrics and that book too, I've sadly got too many I think to buy more but I think I could be tempted.... I hope that the first day back has gone well and good luck with your studies. xxx
I just love your sampler Melissa! And yay for school going back!! For all of you! What are you studying? xox
Kathy said…
I love your ABC sampler and it's beautiful colors!! The colors you chose in your skirt were also very pretty. I just started a blog and would love for you and your friends to come over and join me. I'm having a drawing for a Tooth Fairy Pillow I made on Wed.

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